• Too wicked

    My life is just too wicked to write about. Right now i just want to blog that everything is just right now 🙂

  • Die while you enjoy your life

    After having survived the past nights i just decided to put icecream on top of my feelings. It’s 4:55 GMT and i finally woop wooped it.

  • Be unique Motherfuckers

    This night i had another first time experience. Once again, something new happened in my dull, lazy and everyday normal guy life. I started to wear 3 sunglasses and 2 baseball caps at once. I’m still not sure if it was because of the drugs or the cool style i represented by wearing this combination …

  • Free housing in Amsterdam

    After i woke up in the flat of a young student i had never seen before i just stepped outside the students housing area and took some pictures on my way to the bus stop. I really needed to get back to my hotel because the checkout time had passed already. In fact i arrived …